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U.S.S. Guinevere

The U.S.S. Guinevere is a Play By E-Mail Sim. The sim is set in the year 2391, in the Star Trek Universe. The Guinevere is an Excalibur Class starship in Task Force 47 of Obsidian Fleet, and is under the command of Christopher Boone.

The Excalibur Class was designed to be a jack-of-all-trades, and as such, can be assigned any of a variety of missions. Come join the crew of the Guinevere as they handle the various tasks that Starfleet Command sends their way. Not only are there the occasional ship battles but there are away team missions, rescue operations, First Contacts, exploration, and many many more adventures.

The sim is always open to new players, so if you're interested in playing with us, just click on the "Join" link and follow the instructions.

This sim is rated PG-13.

Please note that the U.S.S. Guinevere has decided to opt out of the events portrayed in the JJ Abrams reboot movies. (What does this mean?)